CHIME Fall Forum Interview Series: Daniel Morreale, Senior Vice President/CIO, Hunterdon Healthcare System

Daniel Morreale, Senior Vice President/CIO, Hunterdon Healthcare System Consolidation is big on the mind of the CIO Daniel

CHIME Fall Forum Interview Series: Jeff Weil, CIO, District Medical Group

Jeff Weil, CIO, CHCIOe, CPHIMS, District Medical Group There is no shortage of projects going on at District

CHIME Fall Forum Interview Series: Dr. R. Hal Baker, Sr. VP Clinical Improvement & CIO, WellSpan Health

Dr. R. Hal Baker, M.D. FACP, WellSpan Health Dr. Hal Baker is in a unique situation as a

CHIME Fall Forum Interview Series: David J. Runt, CIO, Contra Costa Health Services

David Runt; CIO, FHIMSS, CPHIMS, Contra Costa Health Services One Patient. One Record. That’s the philosophy at Contra Costa

CHIME Fall Forum Interview Series: Perry Horner, CIO, Adelante Healthcare

Perry Horner; CIO, Adelante Healthcare As a CIO of major healthcare system, one of the most important lessons

Increase in Diagnostic Imaging Procedures and Chronic Diseases Spur Growth of Medical Imaging IT Market

Medical imaging informatics involves usage of digital technology to capture medical images, facilitating data analysis to record and

Enactment of Healthcare Reforms Drives the Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) Solutions Market

Enactment of Healthcare Reforms Including Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) Drives the Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT)


What Healthcare Systems Can Do to Engage Patients in Chronic Conditions Management

By Daniel Piekarz, Head of Healthcare and Life Sciences Practice at DataArt I recently watched a TED talk


Six Things to Know About Community Health Systems EHR

Community Health Centers (CHCs) are also known as Community Health Systems. These are organized as non-profit clinical care


elandas Survey Suggests Pharmaceutical Industry Hungry for Sales & Marketing Improvements

 Shifts in Buying Power Driving Search for New Efficiencies Using Technology    Guest Post by Hayley Bohan, elandas

Top Ten Healthcare Technologies that you Might not have Heard about

The healthcare field of the world changes dramatically on a daily basis. Researchers are working feverishly day and

Cerner Automates Its Multi -Tenant Network to Ensure Reliability

Cerner has entered into an agreement with BlueCat to automate its existing network and improve reliability. Cerner is

Is Topography-Guided LASIK the New LASIK?

LASIK has become a means many have turned toward to cure their myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism. Millions of

Wearable Devices Are Opening New Frontiers for Product Makers & Medical Practitioners

Over the past few decade wearable devices have opened new avenues for several product developers, patients, and medical

mHealth Market Empowers In -Home Care Through Virtual Visits

Primary investigations into the mHealth market shows challenges in providing affordable and quality healthcare services can be curbed.