11 Healthcare Technology Startups You Should Know

Health care is becoming more advanced with the integration of new technologies. We see a bright future in the world of health and medicine, in particular for the patients. According to Startup Health Insights, the year 2014 witnessed a boom in digital startups with $7B worth of investments. The year 2015 was similar according to their annual report. Here is a list of 11 technology startups worth noting:

  1. Oscar

Founded in 2012, Oscar is the first health insurance company created for consumers in the Affordable Care Act. For those who do not get health insurance from their jobs, Oscar offers users to shop for online insurance plans by their financial situation. Another revolutionary thing about Oscar is that it gives users free phone consultations with their board-certified doctors. You can get free medical advice and receive medical prescriptions to your local pharmacy or online drugstore https://regrx.com/ – this saves you time and energy that would otherwise be lost in the waiting room.

  1. Breakthrough

According to Mental Health America, an estimate of 54 M Americans suffers from mental disorders, but a much smaller number will seek help. Online consulting startups such as Breakthrough are revolutionizing mental health service by providing affordable and accessible consultations with a mental health professional online. You can search for a therapist of your preference according to location, provider, type, insurance or specialty. You can also talk to the therapist before booking an online appointment.

  1. Emulate

A lot is being talked about in health news, and MedCity News reports a serious $28.75M investment in a startup called organ-on-a-chip by Emulate. Emulate is a privately held company that aims to improve our understanding of how diseases, medicine, chemicals and food affects human health. Their technology will improve in-vitro studies and our knowledge of human health.

  1. Drchrono

Drchrono is an award-winning EHR (Electronic Health Record) that is steadily growing in the health care community. The medical profession can only experience advancements with shifting to technology-based data. The platform offered by drchrono offers different electronic based health records such as scheduling, clinical documentations, a patient portal and billing services, all available on iPad.

  1. Doximity

Over 60% of U.S. physicians are members of Doximity, an online social network for U.S. physicians. The amount is huge considering it was launched in March 2011. We can easily see the networks popularity spreading across the globe. Better communication in the medical community can only result in better patient care and the general working of the medical sector, which is what this social network had in mind in its conception.  Most of the activity on Doximity is via mobile devices such as iPhone.

  1. OvaScience technology

OvaScience is a global fertility company dedicated to improving fertility treatments for women worldwide.  Their proprietary technology platform aids in the breakthrough discovery of egg precursor (EggPCSM). It was long believed that a woman is born with a limited number of eggs; the discovery of these immature egg cells found in the protective ovarian lining has drastically changed our beliefs about female fertility. The OvaScience technology platform is the foundation of new fertility treatments.

  1. ReliefBand

PathoCapital lead a $5M investment into licensing a startup device called ReliefBand. The band looks just like a wrist watch and is worn to relieve nausea and morning sickness. The band is clinically proven and can be purchased over-the-counter. With 80% of pregnant women experiencing morning sickness, this device sounds like a true miracle. The device works by sending gentle pulses that re-balance the signals in your body that causes nausea.

  1. BioStamp

A startup technology that can replace bulky biomedical sensors, BioStamp is a revolutionary invention in the study of neurobiological diseases. The stamp looks like a tattoo, and the sensors are durable and light. The information from the sensor is easily accessible on tablets or web applications. Studies can now be conducted online, and the test subjects won’t be bothered by wearing the technology.

  1. PracticeFusion

Practice Fusion is another EHR company whose goal is to connect physicians, patients and data to faster and more efficient health care service. The medical practice technology is cloud based and includes charting, scheduling, online prescribing of medicine and other useful things. The best thing about Practice Fusion is that it is supported by advertising, and everyone can use it for free.

  1. Ekso Bionics

The wearable technology developed by the Ekso Bionics Company seems too futuristic to be real. But the reality of improving mobility in paraplegics is soon to be a wide-spread reality. The wearable robot technology helps people gain mobility after various injuries and to speed up rehabilitation from surgery. Its technology was approved by the FDA in 2012 and is slowly but surely supplying U.S. hospitals with its suits.

  1. MedWand

A patent device the size of a toothbrush, MedWand is a technology that can connect to a PC or smartphone and which can examine the pulse, eyes, nose, ears, and temperature. It also has the provision to support third-party Bluetooth devices such as those for measuring blood pressure and blood sugar levels. This technology will enable doctors such as an eye doctor to examine their patients from afar. Good news for those living in rural areas and who struggle to get a doctor’s appointment, especially the elderly.


Technology startups are creating advancements for both clinicians and patients with their versatile innovations. The future of healthcare is here, and we are glad to welcome any advancement that will make access to healthcare easier and more efficient. Aside from humans, pets such as cats should also be taken care of when they’re in pain. That’s why there are CBD oil brands for cats which are developed to make your pet cats feel better.

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