Product Review

Is Salesforce Ripe for Partnership with Health Cloud as a Patient Relationship Operating System?

Its human nature to draw analogies from past disruptors and apply to parallels in other industries. After all,


Moov: The Wearable Coach

Moov is an advanced wearable with a 9-axis motion sensing system that analyzes your motion in 3D and

Hospital Analytics with Qlik Sense

The CMS Meaningful Use program has required hospitals to report clinical quality measures.  Many hospitals are still stuck

SunSprite: A Solar-Powered Light Tracker for Depression

I think everyone can agree that weather, particularly sunlight can affect his or her mood. Although we know

AliveCor: mHealth Device that Monitors your Heart Health by Sound Wave

Eric Topol, prominent San Diego cardiologist and chief academic officer at Scripps Health has already used AliveCor twice

The Race to Take Care of the Growing Number of Elderly

It is no secret that the baby boomers are getting older and there are not enough geriatric physicians

Wearables can Help your Insecurities….and your Posture

My posture has been one of my biggest insecurities since middle school when my friend Kourtney grabbed me

Muse, a Wearable Steve Jobs would have Loved, Allows for Quantified Meditation

“Steve Jobs believed that Zen meditation taught him to concentrate and ignore distractions”- Walter Isaccson.  “He particularly wanted

Withings Pulse O2 Review-The All-Encompassing Wearable

Withings has been creating health products since the summer of 2008, longer than most of the other wearable