Moov: The Wearable Coach

Moov is an advanced wearable with a 9-axis motion sensing system that analyzes your motion in 3D and coaches you on how you can improve your workout. Moov currently has five different apps: Run & Walk, Swim, Cardio Boxing, 7 Minute + Workout and Cycling. Moov’s interactive coach utilizes artificial intelligence technology to monitor your movement and provides audio and visual feedback while you are exercising. Moov’s coaching philosophy is based on interval training, different levels of intensity, form and variety.

Moov-CardioMy favorite app that can be used with the Moov wearable coach is Cardio Boxing. It is basically like “Guitar Hero” for boxing and is so much fun. I had never boxed before using the app, however the app contains a “basic training” section that teaches the major boxing moves such as a jab, a cross, a 3-hit combo, a hook and an uppercut. The Cardio Boxing app contains three levels Light, Semi-Pro and Champion. A lot of times I will use the Light level as a warmup and either the Semi-Pro or Champion level as a cardio workout after. The boxing app is a great workout if you live in a city and cannot get outside to run because you do not need a lot of space for boxing. During the workout Moov will give you tips on boxing form such as: keeping your hands in front of your face and reminding you to take a step forward during a jab. After you finish your workout Moov will give you a report on how well you did, including information about how many targets you hit, velocity, power, technique, timing and duration of your punches.

Moov-Swim Moov is waterproof so you can keep the wearable on while you showerand wear it during a swim. The swimming app tracks how many laps you swim and allows for many different pool sizes. The wearable also tracks your stroke rate and average distance per stroke. These are important metrics if you are trying to improve your technique for a triathlon. The app also gives you tips on how to improve your stroke for example, putting your hands into the water gently so that you do not create a large wake in the water increasing friction. Like the boxing app, the swimming app gives you a report on your workout with a summary of laps, speed of turns, seconds per lap, and stroke count. The report also compares your speed to the speed of Olympic swimmers so you can prepare for Rio 2016.

The 7 minute + Workout app is based off of the viral 7 minute workouts Moov-Workoutpublished in the American College of Sports Medicine Journal and Research suggests that just a few minutes of high intensity exercise can have the same health benefits of a long run. The app contains many levels so that people with various levels of fitness can benefit from the app. The workout program consists of three sets of six exercises, each set increases the number of reps. A few of the exercises included in the app are jumping jacks, squats, planking, lunges, push-ups and crunches. Every exercise contains a video to teach users how to do the exercise correctly. The Moov coach will also give tips during the exercise to let you know if you are doing the exercise incorrectly and how you can improve. The workout report from the 7 Minute + Workout app provides information about how quickly you completed the level and how many reps of the exercise you finished.
Moov-RunThe Running & Walking app allows the user to choose from five exercise programs: brisk walking, running efficiency, sprint intervals, speed endurance and open training. The brisk walking program promotes walking at a high cadence and utilizes interval training, a hallmark of all Moov apps. The running efficiency program coaches users to improve their ability to run further and prevent injury by shortening your stride and range of motion. The sprint interval program includes high intensity intervals followed by short rests and coaches users on how they can improve their running speed. The speed endurance program is for seasoned runners and encourages the runner to hold a goal pace for distance based intervals. The open training program allows users to run with periodic distance and pace updates. The Moov coach provides feedback to the user during each workout program, giving tips on stride, cadence and technique. The workout report provides detailed information about your cadence, pace, impact, range of motion, elevation, and progress in each interval.

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