ePharma Summit

ePharma Summit

Fourteen years running, ePharma brings you three days of strategic and tactical learning, peer exchange, and dialogue that actively dissects current trends, marketplace needs, evolving customer bases, and explains how you can harness these new opportunities to build stronger, cost efficient marketing campaigns.

At ePharma 2015, you will learn best practices to:

  • Integrate the 3 Ps: providers, patients and payers for cohesive outreach
  • Implement a customer-centric approach to marketing, whether your customers are HCPs, patients or a new customer base (for example, an ACO or IDN)
  • Use data to create a multi-pronged, customized customer journey
  • Prove that digital marketing is making sales, paying off, and must be central to all marketing outreach

Pharma Force

PharmaForce 2015

PharmaForce is the industry’s only event that focuses on both marketing and sales executives. Uniting pharma’s commercial arm helps improve overall strategy. Attendees rave about the networking onsite, as we limit attendance to 250-300 participants and have a 2:1 pharma/vendor ratio! Save 25% with code PF15HITMH.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics World Conference

Predictive Analytics World is the business-focused event for predictive analytics professionals, managers and commercial practitioners. This conference delivers case studies, expertise and resources to achieve:
•Bigger wins: Strengthen the impact of predictive analytics deployment
•Broader capabilities: Establish new opportunities in data science
•Big data: Leverage bigger data for prediction and drive bigger value

M2M Now Money Talks mHealth conference

M2M Now Money Talks mHealth conference

M2M Now Money Talks mHealth Conference – On December 9th, the M2M Now Money Talks mHealth conference will present thought-provoking sessions centered around the future of digital health. Industry luminaries will lay the foundation for implementation of an App Formulary Model, showcase real life examples of proven success and participate in “The Great Debate” – should digital health apps and devices be prescribed? Representatives from the entire mHealth value chain including: clinicians, payers, researchers, solution vendors, wireless network operators and the ultimate patient advocate will be among the participants.

Wearable Tech Expo

Wearable Tech Expo

Gain perspectives on how wearable tech devices and technology differ from each other, how and why they work the way they do, and discover what lies ahead for the billion dollar industry. Interact with colleagues, meet new partners, see live demos and participate in in-depth discussions.

  • Get wearable tech startup advice, best practices
  • Discover how smart materials advance wearable tech offerings
  • Discuss hands-free wearable enterprise technology
  • See where wearable tech fashion will go & why
  • Talk about what matters to you – are you motivated by fitness & health, fashion, or both?
  • Explore the current state of augmented reality
  • Google Glass Try them on, discuss adoption with industry insiders
  • See live demos of today’s hottest wearable tech products & ideas


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