PillBox: Personal Home Medicine Assistant

Are you that grand-daughter who does not sleep some nights thinking about your beloved grandmother and fearing she forgot to take her pills? Are you a son who wants to spend more time with his sick father and not managing a hill of pills? Do you simply want your loved ones to have the best possible care whether you are around or not? There is a new member of your family that will let you sleep at night and will make sure the right pills are taken at the right time by the right person-Pillbox.

Most western societies are ageing- that’s a fact. People tend to live longer and yes – it is a great thing – but it does not come without a price. Longer life requires more medicine and more care.

We have noticed this problem and used all available technological means to solve it.

The PillBox – an intuitive and smart pill dispenser is going to be presented in well-known crowdfunding site Kickstarter.com. PillBox, along with dedicated app and web platform is a modern telemedicine tool, that makes taking medications easier and adherence tracking more effective. It will allow you to check whether your family members are taking necessary drugs at the right time. The whole system works in real time and serves as a convenient tool connecting a caretaker with a caregiver. Pillbox also checks for an adverse effects, contraindications and interactions between medications. You can support and follow the revolution in telemedicine on the official project site.


The drPoket platform is the software part of the Pillbox solution. It serves as a home medicine organizer. It allows for live communication between a patient and a doctor. Finally, it can check medication interactions, for example to confirm that a pregnant woman can take the specified medication.

To match elderly and disabled needs, Pillbox interfaces were very carefully designed. It has a large screen, Braille’s indicators, volume regulators and light indicators to make taking medications more simple. During the prototyping we were looking to help blind people as well – to eliminate the risk of taking the wrong pill.  The patient was able to move his finger through the special tracking edge that brought him to the right container.

Medical needs of families are dynamically changing: new family members, ageing family members and even trivial things like seasonal diseases are disturbing the pulse of life. Furthermore, everyone can make use of the platform: singles, small or big families, retirement homes and even hospitals. How can we address so many different needs with one product?  Customization. Pillbox is very customizable to suit any patients needs.

The combination of multiple modules gives the ability to deliver multiple types of medications. It allows the device to be used in medical facilities and family homes.  It is possible to connect up to 128 Pillboxes to one central unit!

During the campaign, besides the PillBox sets, you can use other forms of support to make the PillBox reality. The Campaign on Kickstarter will be launched on 05.10.2015. Estimated time of delivery is July 2016.

– We are the team of doctors, engineers and designers, fascinated with new technologies and medicine. Our idea is to create a well engineered telemedical solution, accessible everywhere and affordable for everyone, to increase the comfort of life. We are ready to work hard to achieve it. We are hoping to take the telemedicine to the next level, having the PillBox used in homes all around the world. Finally we are looking forward to warm response from the crowdfunding community.




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